A home upgrade to modern a roofing material

The Facade Facelift: Roof Upgrades

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Over time, however, roofs will sustain wear and tear, potentially leading to leaks, energy loss, and other costly problems. Upgraded roofing solutions not only ensure the long-term integrity and maintenance of your property but can also bring aesthetic appeal and improved energy efficiency.

Why Consider a Roof Upgrade?

Your roof stands as the first line of defense against the elements and contributes to your home’s energy efficiency.


Old roofs with missing or damaged metal shingles expose your home to the wrath of nature. A home upgrade to modern roofing material offers exceptional durability against rain, wind, hail, blistering sun, and everything in between. Investing in a strong, high-performance roof gives you the security that your home, your family, and all your precious belongings are well-protected.

Energy Efficiency

Innovative roofing options are made to optimize your home’s energy profile. Materials with reflective properties reduce heat absorption, keeping your house cooler in summer. Upgrading insulation helps your HVAC system work less, ultimately reducing your energy bills.

Increased Home Value

Cost of a roof replacement

When it comes to selling points, a new roof reigns supreme. It offers undeniable curb appeal, making your home immediately more attractive to potential buyers. This translates into a greater return on your overall investment through a higher eventual sale price.

Peace of Mind

There’s a certain kind of peace that comes with knowing your home is secure. A well-constructed, upgraded roof lets you relax. Forget worrying about potential leaks, weather damage, or a cascade of costly repairs – enjoy the long-lasting protection a quality roof provides.

Popular Roof Upgrade Options

When exploring your upgrade, you’ll discover a fascinating variety of modern roofing materials tailored to diverse budgets, needs, and aesthetic preferences. Let’s take a look at some top choices:

Asphalt Shingles

Roof Replacement services in OKC

Still the reigning popularity champion, asphalt shingles excel in affordability and versatility. Standard 3-tab shingles are highly budget-friendly, while architectural shingles add visual interest and greater resistance to the elements. Today’s asphalt shingles come in a spectrum of colors and mimic the look of more expensive materials like slate.

Metal Roofing

Known for its incredible longevity, energy efficiency, and fire resistance, standing seam metal roofing continues to rise in popularity. Materials like steel, aluminum, and copper can be styled in ways to complement almost any architectural style. They hold up incredibly well in severe weather conditions.

Tile Roofing

Clay and concrete tiles deliver a classic, beautiful look with remarkable resilience. Especially perfect for Mediterranean, Spanish Mission, or Southwestern-style homes, tile roofs can withstand a century or more of harsh sun, high winds, and downpours.

Clay tiles with solar

Solar Roofing

For homeowners eager to get renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint while creating a cutting-edge look, solar roof tiles are the optimal choice. These integrated tiles or shingles seamlessly weave energy generation into your home’s structure, providing clean power that can offset energy bills.

Important Considerations

When choosing a roofing material, weigh the initial cost against the longevity and projected energy savings. Additionally, consider your house style and whether local HOA regulations may impact your roof replacement decision.

Things to Consider Before Your Upgrade

Your roofing upgrade should be thoughtfully planned for the best results, so take these key factors into account before diving in:

Budget: Be realistic about what you can afford. Roofing costs can vary significantly based on the size of your house, the chosen materials, and any underlying structural work needed. Get multiple quotes from reliable roofing contractors to ensure you’re getting the best value for your investment. Don’t hesitate to look into possible financing options.

Roofing Materials: The material you choose has enormous implications for roof cost of, appearance, and durability. Some key decision points include:

  • Durability: How well does the material hold up against your specific climate (harsh sunlight, heavy rain, hail, extreme temperatures)?

  • Longevity: What is the lifespan of the material, and how does it compare to your estimated length of time in the home?

  • Aesthetics: Does the material suit your style? You want the new roof to enhance your home, not clash with its other features.

Metal Roofing System

Style: Your upgraded roof should blend seamlessly with your home’s existing architecture.

  • Traditional Houses: Asphalt shingles, wood shakes, and tile roofs are all timeless options.

  • Modern Homes: Consider low-slope roofing systems, metal roofing, or even a sustainable “green” living roof for a striking contemporary look.

Local Climate: This significantly impacts what materials perform best. Your chosen roofing contractor will be your best guide! Ask about:

  • Wind Resistance: Certain roofing materials handle high winds better than others. This is critical for storm-prone areas.

  • Rain Management: For regions with heavy rains, your contractor can advise on appropriate drainage and slope solutions for your roof type.

  • Fire Resistance: Wildfire-prone areas might have regulations to follow, or certain materials might be a wiser choice to safeguard your home.

Why Choose Maupin Roofing?

At Maupin Roofing, we bring an unmatched level of professionalism and expertise to your roof upgrade project. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and trusted warranties will ensure your investment brings value to your home for years to come.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: We diagnose potential problems and provide insights into the best roof upgrade options for your property.

  • Top Quality Materials: We work with industry-leading manufacturers to offer durable, stylish, and energy-efficient roofing materials.

  • Expert Installation: Our trained technicians will execute a flawless installation, ensuring the durability and long-term performance of your new roof.

Ready to Explore Your Upgrade Options?

Contact Maupin Roofing today for exterior project services, personalized consultation, and free estimates. Let us help you make a smart roofing investment that will safeguard your home and bring you peace of mind.

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